Transportation for the Physically Disabled

  • July 17, 2014
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When I was in high school, I would always wonder how I would get to and from college as well as anywhere else I needed to go once I became an adult. I cannot drive because of my disability and have trouble using public transportation. I was at the point where I was getting tired of relying on my family to drive me places and did not know what to do. I had heard that there was a self-driven car coming out in the future which I thought would work great for me. However, I had to find a way to get places in the mean time. I had heard about a service for the disabled called Metro Access. You schedule trips in the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area and they pick you up in a thirty minute window. As long as your destination is within the radius they serve, they will take you there and bring you back.

Although Metro Access works pretty well in getting places on my own, it still can get frustrating not being able to just hop in a car and go wherever you need to, whenever you need to. There are times when I have to be somewhere by a certain time and book Metro Access, but end up getting to my destination late because they have to pick up and drop off other people on the way. This is one reason why I have been following and am very excited about the development of the self-driven car. This is a car that hopefully will be on the market in the near distant future. It will give the driver the ability to enter an address into a computer installed in the car and have the car drive you to that location without you doing anything. This will take the keys away from human beings, but make cars much more efficient.

Furthermore, you may not even need to buy a self-driven car. Officials plan on having them available whenever someone needs to be picked-up. These cars would transport people to wherever they needed to go at a much cheaper rate than taxis because they use less gas and release fewer emissions. These cars would also reduce the number of traffic accidents because all the cars would have sensors. This would hope to limit the number of traffic accidents that occur. Computers and machines that are programmed to perform certain tasks would hopefully have better refluxes and control over what they would be doing, making driving much safer.

These cars would also come with a built-in GPS system. It would be similar to typing an address into a GPS, but instead of having it show you where to go, the car would actually drive you to that location. All the addresses would be programmed into the car’s computer system so that the car would know exactly where to go. This would be similar to auto-piloting an airplane. The occupant would just be able to sit comfortably and enjoy the ride while that car does the rest. This would make a huge difference to people who do not have the control of their extremities needed to drive a car. I am very excited at the thought of not having to rely on other people or public transportation to get around.

If the self-driven car becomes an everyday part of mainstream society, I think it will be one of the greatest pieces of technology to change the lives of those that are disabled. It will give them a level of independence that not many inventions have achieved. Being able to drive from one place to the next is something many people take for granted. Driving to the grocery store and back to pick up groceries does not make most people think twice. However, if you cannot drive, it does. Giving these people a way to get around on their own time would be a huge deal for them. One of my greatest frustrations since high school was having to rely on other people to drive me places or relying on Metro Access. Although Metro Access usually works, sometimes they show up late or do not show up at all. This gets very frustrating because then I end up being late for work, which I cannot afford to do. A self-driven car would mean the world to me, as it would to so many others who have disabilities.

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