The Type Aid

  • July 21, 2014

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One new piece of technology that has recently come out for people with disabilities, especially cerebral palsy, is called a type aid (pictured below). This is an inexpensive device directed at those who have difficulties typing. If your hand shakes as a result of your disability, this device can help with accuracy and precision in terms of hitting the correct keys. It attaches onto your hand via a clip that goes under the palm and velcros together at the top of the hand. Once the velcro is attached, the user now has a long stick shaped object protruding from their hand. This is then used to press the keys on the keyboard without having to move your hand much. With this device, people who use to shake and have a lot of trouble typing can now brace their hand on a ledge or block that is higher than the keyboard and only have to move their hand a little in order to type.


Furthermore, the price of this is very reasonable. For one of these, the cost is $20.95. It is a simple, cheap product that can really help someone who has a disability. The only other device that is remotely close to this, maybe even a bit more useful, is called they keyguard. This is a plastic piece of equipment that fits on a keyboard with holes where the keys would be. This limits the amount of times one can miss and hit the wrong key if they have a disability. I know I used this for many years and it worked great. I would use it on a keyboard that had raised keys because I would constantly hit multiple keys at once. Once the new flat keyboard came out, I no longer needed the keyguard. Another device that works well for people who have trouble typing is a piece of software that writes as you speak. The user speaks into a microphone and the words appear on the screen. This device would not work for me as I have a speech impediment. However, for those that don’t, it can be a very useful piece of technology.

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