The iBot Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

  • July 28, 2014

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Let’s face it…one of the hardest things about having to be confined to a wheelchair is lack of mobility.  Curbs, stairs, and almost anything not even are huge obstacles to overcome.  We all know the world is not perfect, so having a chair that can climb over anything not even would be a huge help to those who rely on them to get around.  However, recently, there is a new wheelchair out called the iBot Stair-Climbing Wheelchair.  It is a stair-climbing, self-balancing wheelchair that can rear back on its back wheels and place its front wheels on the next step.  With stairs being nearly everywhere, a normal wheelchair, electric or not, is nearly impossible to get around with.  It is also extremely dangerous to have someone carry the chair up the stairs, with or without the person in it.  This chair is said to be the ATV of all wheelchairs as it can navigate through almost any terrain.

It is hard to say where wheelchairs can go, in terms of design and capabilities, after this.  Getting a wheelchair user from point A to point B, no matter what the terrain may be in between, after user safety, is by far the most important part of a useful chair.  Until we figure out how to teleport between places, this seems to continue to be the case.  An all-terrain wheelchair that can also climb steps is exactly the path wheelchairs need to be heading, as it seems they are.  There also needs to be a chair that can automatically, and safely, lift a user from the chair and put them in bed, as well as vice versa.  Since many wheelchair users only transfer to their bed and back in the chair, this would be a big step towards independence.  Below is a picture of the iBot-Stair-Climbing Wheelchair:



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