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Funding Level


In early 2013, Google held a contest challenging app developers to dream up ideas on how they would use Google Glass to empower their lives. One of those winning suggestions was by Boston mechanical engineer Steve McHugh. Steve saw potential in using Google Glass for
wheelchair users to display feedback about the wearer’s surroundings, such as alerting users of obstacles and suggesting best routes. He believed that Google Glass could potentially allow users to control their wheelchair through eye tracking capabilities.

Life Labs discovered Steve’s project and reached out to lend support. Steve explained his need for funding and Life Labs collaborated on a crowdfunding campaign using the Indiegogo platform.

With the support of Life Labs, the campaign was fully funded within three weeks, allowing Steve to begin working on a prototype. Life Labs also introduced Steve to UCP’s Metro Boston affiliate, who will be providing a motorized wheelchair as well as continued support throughout the life of the project.

Keep updated on this project through Steve’s blog.