Introducing the iReadWrite iPad app from Texthelp

  • July 9, 2013
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The image is a screenshot of an app running on an iPad. The lefthand column has a list of possible spellings and words with "works" highlighted in blue. On the right hand side is a blurb of text that describes how the app works. Under the two columns there is a keyboard.A screenshot of the app courtesy of iTunes.

For people with learning disabilities like dyslexia, the iPad is quickly becoming a tool to enhance reading and writing abilities among people of all ages. The new iReadWrite app from Texthelp released earlier in April offers support features like text-to-speech, word prediction, a phonetic spell checker and both word and picture dictionaries all without a need for Wi-Fi or 3G access on your iPad.

This new literacy support tool also gives users the ability to bring the comforts of their home PC or Mac with them wherever they may be going. This helps people read content easier and improve their writing accuracy from the iPad no matter if they’re are at home or on the go at school or at work.

More from the texthelp website:

Support features include:
• Text-to-Speech with Dual Color Highlighting
• Word Prediction
• Phonetic Spell Checker
• Homophone and Confusables Checker
• Text and Picture Dictionary
• Customizable Background and Text Colors
• Choice of Voices and Fonts
• Import and Share Documents

Screenshots of the iReadWrite iPad app

Also, you can watch a demonstration of the app from the iReadWrite YouTube channel: (

The iReadWrite app retails on the Apple app store at an introductory price of $19.99

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