Customize your Controllers with Do-it-Yourself Hacking

  • July 11, 2013
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You’re seconds away from a critical part of the video game you’ve been playing over the past few weeks.  A few moves accomplished by button combos on your controller are all that stand between you and being able to say you beat the game.  This is a familiar scenario for gamers. But what if this situation was difficult for another reason? What if your hands worked in a different way, and you couldn’t achieve those button combos? For MakeZine’s Jason Poel Smith, the answer to those what ifs is certainly not “give up”. He posted a fascinating step by step guide for hacking your game controller and making it accessible for all types of abilities.

Take a look at this video to see how Jason reconfigures his controllers:


Though this project does take some time, tools (like a soldering iron), and know-how (a little bit of coding) the result is well worth it. Gamers of every ability can rig their controller so that those complex combos are no longer a problem.  Mobility and dexterity begin to matter far less than strategy and actual gaming ability. As Jason points out in the video, the adapted controllers can also be used with foot pedals and other assistive video game technology.

The most exciting part of this hack is how relatively cheap and quick it is.  With the high cost of custom accessible technology, hacks like this represent a great way to save money and time. Furthermore, since this is a DIY project, you can customize it for your specific needs and game play wishes. As the title of the article points out, it can also be employed for cheating! No matter your reasons, this is a great project to keep in mind for increasing the accessibility of items already in your home. Be sure to check out Jason’s guide here!


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