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  • July 18, 2014
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Maria Towne recently visited United Cerebral Palsy to talk about her experience creating and managing her blog called CP Shoes.  This blog talks about what are the best shoes for someone with cerebral palsy to wear.  Since people who walk and have cerebral palsy need to use more energy and have more movements every time they use their muscles, walking can wear down the soles and lining of the shoes very rapidly.  Therefore, it is very important to find the best shoes that will hold up under a lot of stress and pressure.  In the blog, people from all over the country send Maria pictures of their used shoes.  Users also are free to write their opinions of which shoes work best or which shoes did not work at all.  If a pair shoes is bought by a person with cerebral palsy and then fall apart a week or two later, it needs to be noted that this type of shoe should not be bought by someone with cerebral palsy.  This is very useful because it can save people looking for the best type of shoe a good amount of time and money.

Growing up, I can say that I wish I had access to a blog like this.  I would go through shoes at a very rapid pace because I do not have a large gate so when I walk, my feet tend to hit together and this wears down the inside of the shoe.  Also, because my feet roll in, the shoes I wear stretch and begin to lose the ability to give my foot the support it needs.  This means, even though I am lucky enough not to need braces on my feet, I do need a high ankle support shoe.  Without knowing about this blog site, this was not always easy to find.  I had never thought of looking for shoes with better durability, only comfort and support.  Maybe this is the way I need to think now when looking for shoes.

A blog like CP Shoes shows just how far technology has come and how much it can help someone with a disability.  Many people who have cerebral palsy do not have the physical ability to write.  Therefore, online blogging is very much a tool for them to express themselves in a way they may not be otherwise able to.  This blog discusses shoes.  My blog discusses life with a disability in general.  There are countless topics out there that people can choose to write about that can help people by providing them with information they may not otherwise know about.  Online blogs are the perfect way to get this information out there from people who have trouble otherwise communicating it.  Anybody who has ideas, just as Maria Towne did, should not be afraid to make a blog and get your ideas out there.  Your audience is waiting!

For those interested in contacting Maria Towne and sharing your stories, her blog with her contact information can be found here: http://cpshoes.tumblr.com.  Feel free to contact her!

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