Change My World in 1 Minute: World CP Day

  • July 30, 2013
solar powered wheelchair
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Are you an innovator? A creative thinker? Do you have the next big idea that will change the lives of people with disabilities? If so, you’re a perfect candidate to participate in World Cerebral Palsy Day‘s Change My World in 1 Minute contest.

The image is of a solar powered wheelchair in front of a curb. Behind the chair there is a pond with a basic fountain. The wheelchair itself has a gray seat and seat back with wheels. Attached to the shoulder of the chair seat, there are metal bars which hold up two black solar panelsThe University of Virginia’s final product: a solar powered wheelchair.


From now until October 31st, you can go here to submit your life changing idea. Whether it will help you or someone else live a life without limits, make sure to get your idea out there! The voting begins on October 1st. Site visitors can vote to indicate how much they like your idea. During last year’s World CP Day, thousands of people voted on over 500 submitted ideas.

Though the votes for each idea are important, the final decision comes down to the judges. If the panel of judges decides to put your idea on its shortlist, a call will go out to inventors and investors to make your idea come to life. Innovators will compete for a $50,000 prize and the potential to commercially market the idea once it becomes a reality.

Last year, Alper Sirvan of Turkey submitted the winning idea. He asked for innovators to create a solar powered wheelchair that was still light and manageable for the user. Voters and the judges loved his idea. Following the announcement of the winning idea, a team from the University of Virginia got to work on making Sirvan’s idea come to life. They have recently finished the wheelchair and plan to ship it to Sirvan. With a new powered wheelchair that can run indefinitely at partial throttle just from the power of the sun, the UVA team has certainly found a way to change Sirvan’s world with their invention.

Do you have an award winning idea? Want to check out the ideas that have already been posted? Get involved in World CP Day now. This is a fantastic opportunity for innovators, makers, and anyone with a great idea. Who knows, your idea could come to life and change our world!



Featured image courtesy of World CP Day invitation flyer

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