Answer a Phone Call With a Shake of Your Head: Exciting New iOS7 Features

  • June 27, 2013
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What if you could control your iPhone 5 with just a shake of your head? Thanks to an Apple operating system update being released this fall, that will soon be a reality. Take a look at the video below to see the feature in action:

The image is a screenshot from an iPhone 5 updated with iOS7 software. It is a settings page. The top option is a toggle for switch control. Other options below include "Auto scanning" and "Options"A screenshot (courtesy of demonstrating how Switch Control will look on the iPhone 5 with iOS7

Switch Control will allow people who have difficulty using a touch screen to gain full access to their Apple products. The technology uses the iPhone or iPad’s front facing camera to receive signals from the movement and position of the user’s face.

Certain movements, like moving your head to the right, can be assigned as commands.  If the user wanted to open the camera function, they could use Switch Control to make moving their head to the right the signal to open the camera application.  Another head movement would command the iPhone to take a picture.  Instead of having to navigate through several touchscreens, the user could operate application hands free. Switch Control will go a long way toward making the iPhone accessible to all.

As exciting as Switch Control is, Apple is not the only tech company to make gesture control a reality. Samsung’s Galaxy 4 makes use of hand gestures to add accessibility to their phones. However, Switch Control is different because it allows people with limited arm or hand mobility to control their phone or tablet. Its addition to iOS7 demonstrates how far Apple has come in terms of including accessibility options since the first few generations of their popular phone. 

Switch Control will be available with iOS7, the next update on the iPhone 5. You’ll find it by going to settings, and then accessibility features. We’re looking forward to this valuable update coming in a few months!

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